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Why California’s New Sick Leave Law is Good for Workers

California’s new sick leave law, which went into effect January 1, 2015, allows workers to accrue up to 72 hours of paid sick leave per year if they work at least 30 days in the state within a year’s time period. This new law gives many more workers access to paid sick leave that they might not have had before, and helps them get back on their feet when illness strikes. Here are some benefits of california sick leave labor law that are good for workers and their families.

All full-time employees earn paid sick days

All full-time employees in California will now earn paid sick days, thanks to a new law that went into effect on July 1, 2015. This means that workers can take time off from work to care for themselves or a family member without worrying about losing income. Employers are not required to pay out accrued sick leave until an employee leaves the company and requests payment for their unused accrued leave.

Small businesses are protected

The new law exempts businesses with 25 or fewer employees from having to provide paid sick days. This means that these businesses are still required to provide unpaid sick days, but they don’t have to pay their employees for taking them. This is a big relief for small businesses, who often operate on tight budgets. The costs associated with paying an employee when they’re not at work can be devastating. Smaller companies also have more difficulty budgeting and ensuring they’ll have enough money to cover payroll each month, and being unable to do so can lead to bankruptcy.

Employers are allowed flexibility in how they offer paid sick days

The final law gives employers in California some flexibility when offering paid sick days to their employees. Under these new rules, a business can offer no paid leave at all or can let its workers accrue one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked.

The new law creates a fund dedicated to enforcing the act

The Labor Enforcement and Recovery Fund will be used to hire additional inspectors to ensure that workers are receiving the proper amount of sick leave, as well as to investigate complaints. This will help ensure that employees are not taken advantage of, and that they receive the full benefit of the new law. Additionally, the fund will be used to provide training and education on the new law to employers and employees alike.


California’s new sick leave law goes into effect on July 1, 2015, and it is a huge victory for workers. The law requires all employers in the state to provide employees with at least three days of paid sick leave per year. This is a major step forward in ensuring that workers have the time they need to recover from illness without having to worry about losing their job or income.… Read the rest