Simple Appliance Repair

Simple Appliance Repair

There is no worse feeling than to be busy cleaning your home only to discover that the vacuum cleaner is no longer working or to be hurriedly preparing for work in the morning and realize that the toaster popped its last toast the previous morning. The next headache is to find a repairman or worse yet take on the financial burden of replacing a failed appliance. Have you ever considered learning to repair your appliance failures on your own. It may sound like a far fetched idea, however, an appliance repair may not be as complexed as one might think.


Your first step would be to troubleshoot your appliance parts. Ask yourself a few questions. Does the appliance have an electrical connection or is it completely DOA? If you suspect a bad electrical cord, the repair can be super simple.

Electrical Cord Repair

Electrical cords are the most flexible and external available part of an appliance. They tend to wear out quite often from use. For this temporary but simple repair, you will need a wire cutter, a wire stripper, electrical replacement caps, and electrical tape.

1. Locate the damaged portion of the wire. Carefully, feel the entire cord searching for frayed and damaged sections of the cord.

2. Make sure the appliance is completely unplugged from the wall. (This is a safety step to ensure you are not electrocuted.)

3. Carefully cut through the insulating wire on both sides of the damaged portion of the cord. Do not cut through the copper wiring. Wire cutters are the perfect tool since they are designed for this type of job. However, if you don’t have wire cutters a utility knife or other sharp tool can do the trick.

4. Once the cord has been penetrated through on both ends opposite the damaged cord. Use the wire strippers to reveal the copper wiring.

5. Remove the damaged copper wiring.

6. Join both ends in an electrical replacement cap.

7. Wrap any exposed wiring in electrical tape. Electrical tape is useful for this type of repair because it conducts electricity and is flexible enough to use on an electrical cord.

Back in Business

In 7 easy steps, you can be back in business. This is an example to show how easily appliance parts can be repaired. Learning to repair your own appliances can save your family a lot of money. Other repairs can be easily researched on the internet. Many videos from experienced and knowledgeable repairman can instruct step-by-step appliance repair on just about any home appliance. Also, your local home supply store can be a great resource for troubleshooting failed appliances and locating specific tools for the job. Purchasing the tools may seem counterproductive to your goal of saving money, however, it can truly an investment because other appliance failures are certain to occur down the road. Step outside the box and realize that diagnosing and make simple home repairs on your failed appliance can be within your reach.

Bennie Wade

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